Vector Machinery

Vector Machines is a manufacturer of its own autonomous tool carrier. We are also an importer of various brands of radiographic and autonomous mowing machines.

We are specialists in autonomous and radiographic work and provide the right solution for every challenge in the field of mowing. Safety and efficiency always come first.

Our mowing machines or mowing robots are equipped with powerful clean fuel engines or are fully electrically driven.

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Vector Machines makes it easy to mow in all places. This saves time, hassle and ensures safety!

Vector mowers

Vector is unique because he completely autonomous is. In addition, it is electric and can completely eliminate the emissions from mowing. The autonomous mower is equipped with deal allowing him to work safely in outdoor environments. The Vector is able to accurately identify and avoid people, animals, plants and other obstacles. The software can efficiently plan mowing operations in the field according to program.

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Echo mowers

The echo (autonomous) robotic lawnmowers are designed for professional use. The professional mowing robots are normally mowing robots that mow fields larger than 5.000 m2. Professional mowing robots are mainly used on sports fields, golf courses and cemeteries.

GPS-driven navigation and weather timer ensure uniform coverage of complex lawns, while the frequency of mowing is automatically adjusted to match lawn growth. Handles all types of lawns and manages steep slopes of up to 45% (24°) with perfect cutting results – even in rainy conditions.

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Raymo Electric mowers

Unique radio-controlled mower; fully electric or hybrid powered and only 51cm high.

Do you want a pure electrically powered machine during some work en a fuel drive in other activities?

No problem! What RAYMO makes a truly unique device is the POWERSWAP which allows you to switch between full electric and plug-in hybrid drive in under a minute.

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Spider mowers

De Spider mowers are the most versatile fuel mowers on the market.

It mows next to steep slopes, in awkward corners, along railway tracks, under solar panels, brush, marshy areas and even on a beautiful lawn. How many different combinations would you normally need for this?

The combination of the low weight, a mowing blade and pneumatic tires make this machine usable everywhere. Steep slopes can be tackled with the winch and you won't sink down on soft parts due to the low weight. 

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Timan mowers

The compact caterpillar tool carrier with a height from 60 cm.

This gasoline driven machine combines a low weight with compact dimensions and can therefore be used in many locations.

Timan has a range of available attachments which makes the machine multifunctional.

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