Self-contained golf course mower

Many golf courses still use fuel-powered mowers to cut the grass and manage vegetation. These machines are not only expensive to use and maintain (many thousands of euros in fuel) but also bad for nature and golfers (noise) and bad for the environment (emissions). The solution to this problem is the use of the Vector autonomous mowers for golf courses.

Efficiency autonomous lawn mowing 

The Vector autonomous mower is able to work much more efficiently than traditional mowers. Because they are autonomous, they can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing them to manage the fairway and the (semi) rough much faster and more effectively. This means less time and money spent on manually mowing grass and vegetation.

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Safety golfers

On a large area such as a golf course, you want to be able to offer your golfers a beautiful landscape. This includes well-mown courses, but rest is certainly an important factor for golfers. With the Vector WD2.0 autonomous mower, golfers can play their rounds undisturbed, without being hindered by grass maintenance. The autonomous mowing machine mows the grass and respects the environment. Due to a combination of hardware safety bumpers that are double-wired and additional lidar for obstacle detection, we are able to meet the high safety level standards in the current market. When detecting live animals and people, the mowing deck will switch off and only switch on again when the distance is greater than 2mtr.

Our autonomous Vector implement carrier is equipped with sensors and software that allow it to accurately scan the terrain and adapt the mowing movements to the environment.

Cost savings management grass golf course

Every year, golf course managers have an enormous amount of maintenance costs. The use of the Vector autonomous mower will lead to lower costs for grass management on golf courses. With the Vector WD2.0 autonomous tool carrier you have much less man hours, absenteeism, significant savings on fuel costs and maintenance costs of the mowers.

In addition to these advantages, autonomous and emission-free lawn mowing is actually only logical. Golf courses are pre-eminently nature reserves where people want to enjoy the game and nature in peace. This also means that as a greenkeeper you respect nature and the wishes of golfers, and the emissions that traditional (radio) mowers still produce annually are not part of that. Especially now that a better alternative is available with the Vector WD2.0 self-contained golf course mower.

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Greenkeeper extension

Greenkeepers get satisfaction from mowing the green neatly and keeping the fairway and (semi) rough at the right height. Golf courses are vast areas, requiring greenkeepers to keep busy to meet the needs of golfers. The Vector autonomous mower for golf courses is the ideal extension for the greenkeepers. The greenkeeper can concentrate on the green, course maintenance and planting. The Vector will completely autonomously (without human intervention) keep the fairway and rough in optimal condition.


The autonomous mowing robot is electric, so it has no CO2 emissions and produces little noise. Thanks to our additional solar panel package with batteries, the system can operate completely off-grid on the golf course. This makes the Vector WD2.0 the greenest solution on the market!

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Reliable thanks to latest software

A Vector autonomous mower always has the latest and best software that is constantly updated. A 6-person software team is constantly sending updates to the machine over the air for new functionality and reliability. This is a Dutch software company with a helpdesk that can provide technical support if necessary.