Autonomous mowing machine for solar parks

Many solar farms still use radio-controlled mowers to mow the grass and manage the vegetation, but these machines are inefficient and time-consuming. The solution to this problem is the use of the Vector autonomous mowing machines for solar parks.

Efficiency autonomous mower

The Vector autonomous mower is able to work much more efficiently than traditional mowers. Being autonomous, they can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing them to manage the site much faster and more effectively. This means less time and money spent on manually mowing grass and vegetation.

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Accuracy Vector WD2.0

The Vector autonomous mower mows using GPS and LIDAR. In addition, the machine has a wide cutting deck, is relatively fast and can be used to the maximum thanks to the optional double battery pack. Our autonomous Vector tool carrier is equipped with sensors and software that allow it to accurately scan the terrain and adapt the mowing movements to the environment. This means that the machines are able to mow more accurately than traditional mowers, reducing the risk of damage to the solar panels and other equipment on site.

Cost management of grass solar parks

The use of the Vector autonomous mowing machine will lead to lower costs for grass management on solar parks. Our Vector autonomous tool carrier requires fewer man hours, absenteeism, significant savings on fuel costs and maintenance costs of the mowers. As a result, the total costs for managing grass on solar parks are greatly reduced. In addition, the use of the autonomous mowing machine will lead to higher efficiency and accuracy, making the mowing of the grass faster and more effective.

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Safety first

Due to a combination of hardware safety bumpers that are double-wired and additional lidar for obstacle detection, we are able to meet the high safety level standards in the current market. When detecting live animals and people, the mowing deck will switch off and only switch on again when the distance is greater than 2mtr.


The machine is electric, so it has no CO2 emissions and produces little noise. Thanks to our additional solar panel package with batteries, the system can operate completely off-grid, making it the greenest solution on the current market

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Reliable thanks to latest software

A Vector autonomous mower always has the latest and best software that is constantly updated. A 6-person software team is constantly sending updates to the machine over the air for new functionality and reliability. This is a Dutch software company with a helpdesk that can provide technical support if necessary.

Pole mower or obstacle mower

For the efficient maintenance of the grass on solar parks, we have developed a pole mower for the autonomous tool carrier. With this post mower (or obstacle mower) the machine mows around the posts under the solar panels.

Vector WD2.0 with pole mower for autonomous lawn mowing