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Fokke Bremer of the DDFK Municipality about the Spider ILD02

'I've been working with the Spider for almost 5 years. After the demo I was convinced of the performance of the machine and the maintenance is no more than that of an 'ordinary' mowing machine.'

'I mainly use the machine on the strongholds in Dokkum. These are steep slopes that determine the image and must therefore look good. It is managed as a lawn. Thanks to the 4-wheel steering you can easily maneuver and the surface is not damaged and the 4 circle blades give a very nice mowing image. The machine gives a lot of confidence to mow on slopes, close to water sides and does what you ask of it. For the very steep parts (bulwarks) I use the winch. This works easily and is safe.'

'Since we have a partnership with three DDFK neighborhood municipalities, I am increasingly being asked to mow their areas with the Spider. These are areas such as ditches, ditch sides and slopes along bridges. The spider was purchased to mow the strongholds, but we soon found out that the machine could be used much more and runs about 40 hours a week.'

'The spider is a true tourist attraction in Dokkum, when you mow it you get a lot of attention and you get a lot of reactions from tourists and citizens (such as: beautiful thing, I've never seen anything like it and how steep it can mow). '

'If this spider is written off, it will definitely be a spider ILD02 again!'

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