Raymo mowers

About Raymo

Engineers at RAYMO, with over 15 years of experience in the world of radio-controlled mowers, have developed the first affordable electric commercial machine. Radio controlled, fully electric mowers that are safe, manoeuvrable, efficient, quiet, clean and cheap to run. And there is more: RAYMO is actually designed as a tool carrier for additional electrical attachments that make your mowing work more efficient. The machine itself is extremely low (51 cm), giving you access to tight spaces and excellent climbing ability for sloping and undulating terrain. The zero turn steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and maneuvering functions.


Fully electric or hybrid

Engine: Fully electric Li-Ion 120Ah
…………..Hybrid Li-Ion 56Ah in combination with 2Kw B&S petrol engine
Dimensions: 205x115x51 cm
Tools:   Mowing deck 104cm
............................Mowing deck 132cm
............................Mowing deck rough terrain 120cm
…………..…………..Knife bar 117cm
Speed: 0 - 6 km / h
cutting height: 4 - 12 cm
Weight: 240 kg

More information

All the benefits of the radio-controlled Raymo at a glance:

  • Less burden on the user. After all, it runs at a distance from the machines, which means that influences such as noise, dust and physical strain are minimal. Are you looking for one? fully autonomous electric mower, then the Vector WD2.0 is a great alternative.
  • Safety for the user. The machine is very suitable for difficult situations such as mowing embankments and slopes. The user is at a safe distance and is not at risk.
  • Cost advantages compared to fuel-powered machines due to the electric drive and lower maintenance costs.
  • Limitation of nuisance to the environment. When mowing verges, for example, the road section usually does not need to be closed off.
  • High productivity thanks to a very good view of the work to be carried out and a speed of the machine of up to 6 km/h
    Less environmental impact. The electric drive makes it possible to carry out mowing work with zero emissions.
  • Low maintenance costs. The functional design is ingeniously simple and therefore guarantees easy maintenance.
  • The surface is not damaged. The design of the RAYMO is such that 80% of the weight is on the front axle. The electric drive separately on both wheels allows the machine to rotate on its own axis without the rear tires damaging the turf.
  • Easy transportation. Due to its compact dimensions, the machine can be easily transported and the machine can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

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