Timan mowers

About Timan

Danish manufacturer Timan stands for Scandinavian quality. Every Timan machine has Danish quality and craftsmanship – from design through production to service. All this is a guarantee of greater efficiency and operational safety, so that you can do your job well, regardless of the activity or the season.

The Timan mowers are remotely controlled using a radio remote control, which makes it possible to operate the device from a safe distance and mow hard-to-reach areas. They are designed to be very manoeuvrable and are suitable for mowing grass on slopes and uneven terrain. The Timan mowers are available in different models with different cutting widths and cutting heights, depending on the specific needs of the user. They are also equipped with safety features such as sensors to detect and avoid obstacles. In addition to mowing machines, Timan also produces other machines for the maintenance of green spaces, such as scarifiers and leaf blowers. The company is focused on providing durable, reliable and user-friendly machines for professionals in the green sector.

All advantages of the radio-controlled Timan at a glance:

  • Less burden on the user. After all, it runs at a distance from the machines, so that influences such as noise, dust and physical strain are minimal.
  • Safety for the user. The machine is very suitable for difficult situations such as mowing embankments and slopes. The user is at a safe distance and is not at risk.
  • Cost advantages compared to, for example, a tractor with a mowing arm in terms of investment/depreciation, maintenance, fuel consumption, transport and any traffic-regulating measures.
  • Limitation of nuisance to the environment. When mowing verges, for example, the road section usually does not need to be closed off.
  • High productivity thanks to a very good view of the work to be carried out and a speed of the machine of up to 7 km/h
  • Low maintenance costs. The functional design is ingeniously simple and therefore guarantees easy maintenance.
  • The surface is not damaged. Due to the low own weight and the large contact surface of the tracks, there is less chance of damage to the surface during steering.
  • Easy transportation. Due to its compact dimensions and low weight, the machine can be easily transported and the machine can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

Vector supplies the following Timan mowers:

In addition, Pradas Sucesores, S.L. holds a permanent stock of more than XNUMX parts references for all types of shoe machines, some of which are produced in our factory as a result of our state-of-the-art technology. All we desire is to offer the shortest delivery times on the market and the best possible after-sales service to our customers.

Engine: B&S 25T200, 14HP
Dimensions: 1877 x 865 x 600 cm
cutting width: 75 cm (clapper)
Speed: 0 - 6 km / h
Weight: 345 kg

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Engine: Vanguard 3854, 23HP
Dimensions: 1910 x 995 x 685 cm
cutting width: 100 cm (clapper)
Speed: 0 - 7 km / h
Weight: 423 kg

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