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The Vector WD2.0 is a unique mower because it is completely autonomous. In addition, the Vector is electric and can completely eliminate emissions from mowing. The battery pack is 280Ah (56V / 15,7 kWh). The Vector autonomous mower is equipped with LIDAR allowing it to work safely in outdoor environments. The Vector is able to accurately identify and avoid people, animals, plants and other obstacles. The software can efficiently plan mowing operations in the field according to program.


The Vector autonomous mower mows using GPS and LIDAR. In addition, the machine has a wide cutting deck, is relatively fast and can be used to the maximum thanks to the optional double battery pack. Because the mower drives for 6 hours and then charges for 6 hours, it is able to keep 60.000 m2 short per day.

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Cutting image

Thanks to the GPS and LIDAR combination, the mowing robot can mow straight lines without a boundary wire in the ground, so that the mower is not only 300% more efficient than a "random" mowing robot, but the mowing pattern is also very tight due to the straight lines that deviate a maximum of 10 cm over a distance of 50 meters. .

Ask about the mulching ring for an even better mulching effect.


Because our Vector mower is a so-called tool carrier, you can hang different tools in front of it. As a result, the mowing robot is suitable for many different applications. With the rotary deck, he can do full mowing solar parks autonomously but if you hang a cylinder mower in front of it, it is also extremely suitable for self-mowing golf courses. If you mount a mowing deck with side ejection, you can create a biodiverse terrain completely autonomously because you impoverish one part of the plot while enriching another part, which in turn greatly impresses biologists. In short, a versatile autonomous machine (self-propelled mower) that takes green maintenance to a new level!

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Safety first

Due to a combination of hardware safety bumpers that are double-wired and additional lidar for obstacle detection, we are able to meet the high safety level standards in the current market. When detecting live animals and people, the mowing deck will switch off and only switch on again when the distance is greater than 2mtr.

Remote control

All vector mowing robots are supplied with an industrial remote control. You use this remote control when you want to use the machine on different plots or when you have to mow rows of 50 meters under solar panels and there is a mud pool at 25 meters below the panels where the machine gets stuck. In that case you will receive a notification in your dashboard. Even when narrow passages or steep embankments have to be mowed, the remote control remains necessary.

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The Vector WD2.0 is a 2-wheel drive mowing robot based on the zero turn principle. Because the machine can rotate on its axis, it can reach places where other machines cannot reach. Thanks to the tractor profile tires, it can also go through terrain that is not always flat or dry. But also rough terrains like (semi) rough on golf courses.

Autonomous mowing with docking station

The Vector 2.0 mowing robot can be equipped with 1 or more docking stations so that you always have a charging point nearby on large areas and travel times are shortened, making coverage of very large areas possible.

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Savings with autonomous mower

Our software and LIDAR enable the Vector WD2.0 to mow autonomously. A self-propelled tool carrier with a mowing deck will save on labor costs (man hours) and fuel. In addition, the Vector leads to higher productivity and efficiency, because the machine can continue to work without breaks or fatigue. Particularly for it mowing grass under solar panels at solar parks the Vector is extremely suitable and efficient.

This reduces the labor costs of green maintenance. In practice, this means that you can save 25% to 75% on your mowing costs.

Autonomous mower price

We offer suitable packages for our Vector WD2.0. For example, you can purchase the full Vector, but full operational lease is also possible, so that we can guarantee short grass for a fixed price per Hectare.

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The machine is electric, so it has no CO2 emissions and produces little noise. Thanks to our additional solar panel package with batteries, the system can operate completely off-grid, making it the greenest solution on the current market

Reliable thanks to latest software

A Vector autonomous mower always has the latest and best software that is constantly updated. A 6-person software team is constantly sending updates to the machine over the air for new functionality and reliability. This is a Dutch software company with a helpdesk that can provide technical support if necessary.

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Tool carrier with obstacle mower

Pole mower or obstacle mower

We have developed a pole mower for the autonomous tool carrier especially for solar parks. With this post mower (or obstacle mower) the machine mows around the posts under the solar panels.